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Glass tile is basically glass that is made into various sized tiles and finishes.

Glass Tiles are available in different shapes including: Glass Tile Squares, Glass Tile Bricks, Glass Tile Sticks, Glass Tile Ovals, Glass Tile Rounds, and Glass Tile Mixed Sizes.

Glass Tiles are available in different finishes, including: Polished Glass Tile, Glossy Glass Tile, Matte Glass Tile, Tumbled Glass Tile, Rippled Glass Tile, and Iridescent Glass Tile.

Glass Tiles are available in individual pieces or mounted on a sheet depending in the size of the glass tile and the glass tile manufacturer.

Glass Tile is frost resistant making it ideal for exterior applications such as pool, spa, fountain, and barbeque installations.

Glass Tile is also stain resistant making it ideal for use as a kitchen back splash, bathroom wall, shower wall, and shower floor installations.


If your Glass Tile is a sheet mountd Glass Tile Mosaic, you need to determine if it is a paper / clear Face Mounted Glass Tile Mosaic or a netting Rear / Back Mounted Glass Tile Mosaic.

Paper / clear film faced sheets are mounted with the paper / clear film on the front face of the tile.  IMPORTANT NOTE:  Both paper and film mounted sheets MUST be installed paper (or clear film) side UP.

How to remove the paper / Clear film from the face of the tile after it is installed

Paper Face:

Wait for the thinset to bond to the Glass Tile. Begin wiping down the paper with a damp sponge and warm water. Rub lightly to avoid disturbing the tile placement. The paper facing will begin to darken as the water is absorbed.  After 2-3 minutes, test a corner of the paper sheet. Pull lightly downward at an angle instead of straight out.

Clear Film Face:

 Wait for the thinset to bond to the Glass Tile then simply peel the clear film away from the glass tile.

Glass Tile and Glass Tile Mosaics require the use of a premium thinset mortar to install the Glass Tile and Glass Tile Mosaics with.

Setting material products are available through tile dealers, home centers, and major setting material companies.  Glass Tile links does not endorse any particular setting material or setting material manufacturer.  Below is a list of products commonly used for installing glass tile.  Consult your installer or local tile dealer to determine the most suitable setting material for your particular application.

Laticrete:  254 Platinum Multipurpose Thin-Set Mortar.  No admixture is necessary.

Mapei:  Kerabond Premium Dry-Set Mortar (Ker 102) mixed with Keralistic Mortar Admix (Ker 310)

Mapei:  Adesilex P10 (bright white) nonsag mortar for glass tile.  Mix with water or Keraply.

TEC (H.B. Fuller):  Super Flex Premium Performance Universal Latex-Modified Thin-Set Mortar.  No admixture is necessary.

Mastic is not recommended for installation of glass mosaic tile, particularly in wet areas such as showers.  Bond strengths are lower than those of recommended setting materials.  Mastic does not properly cure when used with impervious materials such as glass and may yellow behind clear or translucent tile.

What type of Grout ca be used on glass tile:

Any sanded or un-sanded grout can be used on glass tile.

How to remove the grout from the surface of the glas tile after it is dry

Use a nylon bristle brush, a sponge, and warm water to clean any residue from the tile surface.  A hard surface cleaner can be used for more difficult cases.  Ideally, the grout should be cleaned to your satisfaction before it has completely cured.

Note: some glass tile and glass tile mosaics have small pinholes or crazing on the surface which may collect grout.  Any grout will collect in these small surface pinholes, but a little extra time spent cleaning the surface while the grout cures will significantly reduce the amount of visible grout left on the surface.  Also, a matching grout color will tend to be less noticeable on the tile surface than a contrasting grout color.

How to cut the glass tile

Small format glass tile (5/8", 3/4", 1") are best cut with specialty glass mosaic tile cutters, available from tile or craft dealers.  Tile may also be set on backerboard, and then cut to size with a wet saw.  The cut edges can be very sharp and should be smoothed with carbide paper or a "white stone" which are also available at tile dealers.

Glass Tile can be used outdoors in extremely cold conditions?

Glass Tile and Glass Tile Mosaic can be used in both residential and commercial interior and exterior applications. They are frost- and heat-resistant, water-proof, color-safe, and non-porous.

Surfaces you should avoid installing Glass Tile and Glass Tile Mosaics on to

Unacceptable Surfaces:

These surfaces, even if properly prepared, will not provide a bondable or stable surface for tile installations.  Under no circumstances should tile be bonded directly to these surfaces:

• Particle, wafer and structure board
• Masonite
• Hardwood or Parquet floors
• Luan plywood
• Sponge or cushion-backed or asbestos-containing vinyl flooring
• Self-adhesive vinyl squares
• Metal
• Fiberglass
• Wall coverings
• Unprimed plaster
• Lightweight concrete

Surfaces that are acceptable for installing Glass Tile and Glass Tile Mosaics on to

Acceptable Surfaces:

These surfaces must be properly prepared before installing tile.  Surface preparation is a key factor in the success or failure of a tile installation.  Although a surface may be listed as acceptable, if it is not properly prepared, loss of bond will occur.  Also, all acceptable surfaces may not be acceptable for all applications.  Consult manufacturer or installer.

• Concrete, mortar beds, masonry
• Cement backerboards such as Wonderboard
• Exposure 1 or APA exterior grade plywood
• Existing ceramic tile or terrazzo
• Asbestos-free vinyl flooring
• Waterproof membranes—check with manufacturer

How to clean glass tile and glass tile mosaics

Normal cleaning of glass mosaic tile can be done with room temperature water and a rag.  For a more thorough cleaning and to remove stubborn dirt and stains, use any tile or grout cleaner available at tile dealers or home centers. 


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